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Located in Greenville, Illinois, Powder Plus Inc. specializes in high quality powder coating and sandblasting services all throughout Bond County. Our company guarantees that your metal projects, big or small, will always be completed on time and with the highest of standards. Powder coating and sandblasting is a process designed to improve the appearance of your metal surfaces. We offer many other services including agricultural restoration, industrial coating, and decorative residential products. With a wide variety of color choices, Powder Plus Inc. allows you to customize a preferred finish that embodies your taste and style.

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process that uses a dry coating material to finish all types of metal and steel surfaces. Through an electrostatic process and cured with heat, it offers a refined look that is both functional and long lasting. Applied to surfaces using a handheld spray gun, an array of color choices can be created with ground particles of resin and pigment.

There are two different types of powder coating:

Thermoplastic – Thermoplastic coating is generally used on car parts or metals that can be easily shaped in high temperatures. This coating provides a strong and flexible seal that will last in any environment regardless of the amount of use.

Thermoset – Thermoset coating is done through a chemical bonding process that is best for home appliances and electronics. Tolerating higher levels of heat than a thermoplastic coating, this technique is resistant to potentially harmful chemicals and are unable to be melted after curing takes place.

Why is Powder Coating Better?

So, why choose powder coating over other finishes? There are many benefits to this type of finish that common painting methods just can’t compete with.

Cost-Effective –Powder coating materials are inexpensive and with an almost immediate drying process, reduces the cost of additional steps that need to be taken with certain painting finishes. Don’t worry about paying for unused material, the personalized process of powder coating allows you to purchase exactly what you need for all your unfinished surfaces.

Glossy Look – No other finish looks as polished and refined as a powder coat. The shine of a powder coat on your metal furniture and appliances look elegant while repelling harmful chemicals and moisture, making it effortless to maintain.

Eco-Friendly – One of the major benefits of powder coasting is the eco-friendly materials that are used in the process. The dry bonding material is made from recycled and reused products, producing minimal waste and harmful chemical vapors. Health threats are nonexistent and do not give off harmful fumes that processes using paint are unable to avoid.

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How Long Does It Last?

With proper maintenance and care, a powder coating finish can last up to 20 years. If your product is being used in an outdoor space, constant exposure to UV rays and varying weather patterns may influence the duration of its lifespan. However, indoor appliances and surfaces can last significantly longer depending on the level of use.

It’s recommended to consult with a powder coating professional to determine the type of coating you wish you use to determine the best option moving forward. Regardless, Powder Plus Inc. ensures quality preparation of coating materials for the best possible application every time.